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Going out(re-blogged with permissions)

This bloggr shared this unique little ditty, and gave me permission to re-post it here.She has a “way with words” as a lot of us do …. a charming homage to humor and  honesty at the same time …Thank you frantic ferret….. I love this..



‘You ready yet?’ He shouts up the stairs,
he stood at the bottom and up them he glares.
‘NO! I am not ready! Do I look like I’m done?’
he should be grateful I don’t have a gun
I would have been ready ages ago
if it weren’t for him and his damn to and fro
Your socks…. are still living where they’ve always been
in the sock drawer all paired up, ready and clean.
Why do you suddenly need me to read
a two day old article about some new seed?
You’re  perfectly capable of locking the back
Why do you need to ask about that?
Get out of the bedroom, out of my hair!
You’re no bloody help to me just standing there.
Leave me in peace to get myself sorted
instead of you watching as my attempts are aborted.
It would easily take me a third of the time
if I didn’t have to take part in your daft pantomime.
The one where you suddenly need all my attention
for small obscure reasons to silly to mention,
and the fact you can’t find your shoes.
Do you do it on purpose, yourself to amuse?
Just once I would like some peace while I dress
and to get ready without all this stress.
so go for a walk or go for a sit
I’m not really fussed just bugger off for a bit.

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