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Living with Hydrocephalus 

​I thought I would share this with you…
Living with hydrocephalus ain’t easy,it doesn’t matter if you can spot it or not
It lives with me ,inside  me and in every thought.
You can’t see the burr holes ,but I know that their there,
everytime  I get a headache ,it deals me a rough hand…
I know this much,I am lucky to stand.
There are people and kids out there,who can’t do as I do….
Some won’t  have the vision to  see a great view..
Yet I can stand beside them as they incline their ear ,
no worries ,God’s got this ,you’ve nothing to fear.
I could’ve said  nothing ,or sat all my life in a chair …
God for some reason ,didn’t want me stuck there…
I know from experience how lucky I am .
I’m not perfect ,not saintly ,and try to do what I can ,
I will forget things,and make mistakes.
I will lose consciousness like them some days ..
While I  have breath in my body,and sight in my eyes…
I have got a chance to be a voice for the little guys…
little girls and boys
 who may not have long to survive
hey look at me …I am STILL alive!
Even if that’s the case ,i still have a purpose..

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2 thoughts on “Living with Hydrocephalus 

  1. I was burned on my right side when I was about four years old, burned on my elbow, and it became my drive for everything I have done since. Nothing should ever deter anyone from pursuing what God has placed in them, because everyone will accomplish their purpose no matter what.

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