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A Life lived with Hydrocephalus

People at times ,might think we have anger issues,
and for good reason ,it takes a fighter to do what we can do…
We aren’t angry at people, but what we feel sometimes needs aggressive reactions….because it’s all we can do at times…
We know people around us cannot understand that….and for that we are sorry,

People say there’s nothing they can do better,,,,and maybe not…
or just maybe listening….without the intention of fixing it … realize
we aren’t angry at you ,and we don’t want to hurt you …
we need understanding and compassion ,like everyone else…
Our moods may seem out of control to you….there is only one way to deal with it ,stick it out…with us…
Sometimes to prevent people from thinking we are always mad,because that’s not how we want to be told we are ,solely….we shut it down ,and keep it to ourselves….and getting “over “it isn’t an option ,getting through it …is….
It’s not all about me…. it’s not all about you…. it’s about us …and how we go through this …together..
I cannot get “rid” of hydrocephalus ,because you can’t stand hearing about it…it stays with me ….till I die….it’s not some nasty cold…. it’s worse,at its worst.
You would be moody too,if someone drilled into your head….the barometric pressure drives us plumb nuts….because there’s no plates to cover those holes…drastic air pressure changes ,as in storms….. can produce splitting headaches…..(I promise) I won’t get mad at that.Infections you cant see,invade our bodies…..and people say it’s all in our heads,,,YOU’RE absolutely RIGHT…
It is….and It is one hell of a fight,,,,only certain people can handle that fight,,,,,God gets that Glory,,,,,,as far as I am concerned!!!!He won’t tell me I am too moody ,too mad, or just abnormal……or dangerous,,,, He will be with me through the WHOLE thing….. By the way ,don’t pity me ….and walk away shaking your heads…..because what you read here,is a MIRACLE at best!


There is more to us than meets the eye…mere appearances don’t always reflect  what we are all about. And I am not mad at anybody….

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