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300 Sayings #14

You must love every man with your whole soul, but put your hope in the one God, and serve Him alone. For as long as He is protecting us and our friends (the angels) are helping us, our enemies (the demons) cannot inflict evil upon us. But when He forsakes us, the also our friends turn away from us, and our enemies receive power over us.
(St. Maximus Confessor, Chapters on Love, 4.95


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2 thoughts on “300 Sayings #14

  1. i like this, but sometimes I wonder if God only protects us from spiritual demons and enemies, or if he also protects us from physical enemies. such as the living.

  2. i will consult Father Barthomalew (Bartholomew) or someone who can adequately help with this one … Thank you Shanna , for taking time out to read this series…

    Best wishes on your blogging as well.. Love in +XC!



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