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A “Time-out”…

I am amazed and happy how well my  blog on “300 Sayings”,has been received. These “sayings” and excerpts  are from a patristic website .

(Here is the link , so you can read at your speed …and learn about my faith , from the experiences of these  faithful servants of God…I am learning  too ,by sharing  with you…the richness of God which can exist in a person ,who has the mind of Christ ..and that it is He Who perfects us…we are not perfect ourselves ,and we do need a lot of help…)St.Nektarios Monastery Aegina Island Greece.jpg5


Contemporary theologians of our day are lauded  for how many “fish they can catch”,by other fishers of men …The ones  in this series are from long  before our generation ,and up to our generation ,to show the continuity of  Christ’s presence  to us…no different  from that of Moses or Elijah…

Yet  my thank-you ,goes out to you ,who read these… and I pray that  they are a blessing to you ,as they are   to me.

If I could speak as eloquent as these , would mine delineate theirs?  No… for these Church Fathers , have found an understanding that I long for ,yet lack…

Thank you, for allowing to share  my Faith  here…God Bless you….

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One thought on “A “Time-out”…

  1. Thank you for sharing your faith with us. They have been a real blessing. God bless you.

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