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Get up and Go

The world thinks we are more efficient  if we  learn to “juggle ” more than one thing at a time,yet ,not all are born able to do so…The word “focus” isn’t heard  much anymore… undivided  attention ,almost extinct…inherently we are built to “multi-task”,we see, breathe ,speak and walk all at the same time and don’t even realize that..

We are  more commonly to “distracted” living …it’s a lot like distracted driving ….if  you are on your way to your destination so to speak ,and you  have multiple things  going on… there’s a good likelihood ,that you may hit a “guard-rail” , a tree, a “wall” or even worse ,crash and burn ….hardly anyone goes the speed limit these days….

We have this tendency to rush around  for the “important” things……not realizing that it’s the “little ” things we pass up…

Family time … is almost an endangered event in our lives…we are more content to see how much we can exhaust ourselves,as well as everyone else….never realizing what we are passing up..

…And with that ,i must “get-up-and-go”…..but not in a rush ,for i have adjusted my life speed to make sure  that I don’t crash.


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