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In the wee hours…a late night /early morning thought….

At this hour of night/morning…. most of humanity in our hemisphere is slumbering…except for the select few, who like myself,cannot  contemplate  rest…for varying reasons…mine is , that I am caught up in the  persistent ,and weighty thoughts of the previous day…

So much  for altering my sleep pattern ,back to “normal”…..

I have learned to be a light sleeper ,sometimes  to  my physiological detriment…I think of weighty questions…. like ,”how do I laugh,when the rest of the world is in trouble? “Brave faces, and stoic commentary ,are prevalent , in this  particular instance….humanity seeks to destroy itself ,while spirituality seeks to re-build  what was  destroyed……

I want to use a certain analogy  here, using  the Bionic Man ,as a point …a person  who is successful ,(an astronaut ,perhaps) A fairly worldly person ,with all of the possible  pursuits, goes  to do their work , and something catastrophic, crashes them down ,leaving them for dead…

By some heroic medical skill…. they  put “Steve Austin” back together…Stronger ,Better, Faster.

Okay now apply that scenario…. to this …

Life crashes us…. God  takes us…rebuilds us ,to be ….you guessed it….

“Stronger ,Better, Faster.”




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2 thoughts on “In the wee hours…a late night /early morning thought….

  1. Interesting perspective..I also have trouble sleeping sometimes…it’s funny how at times like that you can have some of the greatest thoughts, weighty and persistent thoughts can often lead us to great realisations.

    • I am glad that this resonates with you. Sophie. Sometimes we clear a cluttered mind better when we just feel our way around our thoughts, leading to epiphanies, or stark revelation of things that might have been dormant, until you “tap into them”,seeing the different scenarios,which could also be considered.

      Eh,something to ponder, I suppose.

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