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Keeping the Faith..

When we see difficulties around us, it is automatic for us in our human nature to become emotionally ripped  apart ,and almost instantaneously, we  lose our focus , on where we were , maybe because we trotted along thinking ,that we are  “in control” of our lives,as though we dictate the forces external to ourselves… I see so many touting “enlightenment” ,or the better version of oneself  with this personal mantra or that one ( just think of any that come to mind.)They even say you are your reality …(Okay  I am an earthquake destroying cities,I am a killer flood ,etc….I know that’s  not what you really mean ,but hey I am my “reality”,right?I am a disaster waiting to happen….well, disasters are successful at , mayhem,and destruction and loss of life.) Try that visualization ,and see if your mantra , can stop it…

Yet,when catastrophe strikes, how long can we maintain that strength of will , until we are as a bruised reed , or a stalk of wheat , broken in two…? This is where even those “enlightened ” folks find themselves  in….peril…. because ,no matter how enlightened they are, they are flesh and bone… human.

This next part ,goes where new age-y, self centered ,and self focused ,mantras stop as though they hit the wall ….. because those “mantras”….are only good for keeping up the facade,that there is NOTHING  they can’t do on their own,pushing the envelope , and not realizing that their  corporeal existence ,IS very limited. ,those self help mantras, don’t assist with things like physical death…especially in a catastrophe of such proportions that  we have never experienced before….

Mind over matter…..a great “cliche”…there are certain things that the mind ceases to understand ,even at it’s highest level of HUMAN reason ….basically steering me to the conclusion , that if I am SO powerful I CAN  save the world,why is the world in the state is in ,despite all these “enlightened” people ?… I am not a “new age” superhero…I don’t see  myself as Hydro-girl….I see myself needing someone GREATER  than I could ever be ,in my own imagination ,to handle my LIFE….. because let’s face it…Who do we THINK we are?

Society puffs up superheroes,and forgets the main one ….

He doesn’t fly around with a a goofy costume….His wears the vestments  of our High Priest in the Heavenly Holy of Holies. Go ahead and disagree with that , and  try to refute it with “enlightened “discourse…. because in His Wisdom …He confounds the “wise” .

His “super-power” is Love for the whole planet ,and EVERY creature ,not just mankind…His super-strength  comes from God Himself, and the power of Him ,but if we start that “mantra” we get laughed away , by those who hold fast to their “gurus” of other faiths ,and other things…. God is the ONE ABOVE ALL….  try and be a motivational speaker for Him…He has kept His Faithful “intact” even in the midst of great calamities… and struggle…. Faith is best exercised ,all the time ..

His “Kryptonite” is anyone who tries to counteract the Love He has , think of the villains in the fictional stories of  the Superman  series….

The “Hero ” is regenerated by sunlight” after he is attacked by the villain,where he is able to regain his strength , because light from the sun ,is one of those things that feeds his strength .The  hero “resurrects” himself ….comes back as a  sort of appearance  ,and  then they ascend to a higher place ,sounds like they got  the characters  from the Bible ….

Jesus is the Light of the world…. and people  sometimes will say He  is fictional… yet  authors who made up the comic books …. with the stories in them ,about the heroes…know they are FAKE …. not a shred of truth in them …. it was made up by someone’s vivid imagination….

In essence ,”they become the :Creator”…of their own little worlds, and their own little hero….runs around saving damsels  in distress….in a flashy cape, with other-worldly “power”…Hmmmmm.

Superman is depicted as  stopping “floods, Jesus  spoke and  the tempest  ceased … Superman caps a volcanic eruption …. saving a village … Jesus MOVES THE MOUNTAIN…Superman is seen getting attached to the human race as a pet hero …. and Jesus …He is seen getting Crucified for actually saving us…from OURSELVES…

This is just my thought on this …I don’t need an atta-girl … or an accolade for this …it’s just how I think …I don’t need someone telling me I am intelligent… (I get it.) If this were Facebook ,there would be a “like” button ….oh,wait, there is one here ,too….Consider this as me thinking out loud….


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2 thoughts on “Keeping the Faith..

  1. i feel that we get scared and in a panic state of mind, when a lot of tramatic things starts to happen all at once.

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