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Prayer :A Powerful Weapon

In this day and age, prayer is thought of as “vain repetition”…That statement  is far from the actual truth regarding prayer,and its effect  when  exercised. Not only  that ,people who lack Faith ,in the One Who has always been there (the Existing One)…delineate  how prayer  can be used, unless it is for their own benefit … I heard once , “prayer: the last refuge of a scoundrel”…on a secular television series …Prayer is not  a refuge for scoundrels,more-so it is for sinners..,to help in the repentance process,as well as  for His Faithful, who dwell with Him.

Prayer has the ability to go places and affect things ,we cannot….all we can do ,is ASK…. it is Someone else ,entirely ,who does this ….It is He ….God ..

While we wait on the answer, we must also exercise patience , for God in His infinite wisdom, knows what is for our own good …we, on the other hand ,have no clue, how to sit still ,we are impatient ,impetuous…. you name it…We can make the process much harder ,than God’s original intention…He does know our nature…and because of this ,we fight against our flesh,our desires, and all things which lead our focus away from God.

Prayer makes the Adversary scared…for even the devil knows when we call on God , he is in deep trouble ,if he is messing with us without God’s permission…God does allow  him certain leeway, however ,if we become stiff-necked …. that’s more than enough reason to pray, if I must say so…Let me put it this way ,I ASK,beseech ,and implore, someone more powerful than I could ever be , to help me , because ,I cannot save myself , or anyone else…I need all the help I can get ..

There are many people who jump at the the chance to devalue prayer….those are the so-called enlightened ones…. the self aware ones… the ones who put man’s abilities over the Creator of All…….which is vanity , and it is also greed…A little humility never hurt anyone… And ,yes… I know for what I pray ,and why ….it keeps me grounded,and when I become full of myself , because of my “over-blown sense of self worth” , I  know for sure there is a humbling  coming ….soon…

It gives me more reason to pray ….because it’s a powerful weapon ,and I intend to USE  it.




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2 thoughts on “Prayer :A Powerful Weapon

  1. All are part of Source and indeed prayers can help if what is requested does not rob the lesson of the person or cause imbalance to people’s karma. 🙂

  2. prayer is a very powerful tool in our life I don’t know what I would do without prayer,

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