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300 Sayings #38

“A lie is a delusion of the mind, while evil is a delusion of the will. The sign by which one is distinguished from the other is the judgment of God Himself … that which he teaches a man: Truth is that which leads a man to will the good. But whatever contradicts this is entirely false, entirely evil. ”
(St. Nicholas Cabasilas, Seven Sermons on the Life in Christ, 7)

Nicholas Kabasilas or Cabasilas (Greek: Νικόλαος Καβάσιλας; born 1319/1323 in Thessalonica;[1] died 1392[2]) was a Byzantine mystic and theological writer.

Kabasilas is a saint within the Orthodox Church. His feast day is June 20.[3][4] The Roman Catholic Church uses extracts from his Life in Christ as readings in the Liturgy of the Hours (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter in Year II of the two-year cycle for the Office of Readings).[5]

He was on intimate terms with the emperor John VI Kantakouzenos, whom he accompanied in his retirement to a monastery. He was once thought to have succeeded his uncle Neilos Kabasilas as archbishop of Thessalonica; however, contemporary records of that see do not show Nicholas as serving in the capacity of archbishop. It is more likely that he served as a priest at theMangana Monastery at Constantinople.[6]

In the Hesychast controversy, he took the side of the monks of Mount Athos and Saint Gregory Palamas.


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