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Who Knew???

Who knew…. that I would be 45 years old? Not me . That’s what I  and others get for guessing  about my own expiration date.

Who knew……I would have such capacity  for communicating,given the alternative that some cannot?

Who knew,that with my own tenacity, and  the generosity of a dear friend ,I would graduate  High School? Even my own family didn’t think I would. I completed it for my own sake, not because they asked , to reconcile the fact they are the one who told me to quit school to start with ! It’s okay ,though. It’s to God’s Glory ..not theirs or my own…..

Who knew, that having been given a deadly disease,it hasn’t killed me ,where it could have. I am NOT sorry for the opportunities  to relate to people ,that this situation has given to me. What the Adversary means  for evil , He (God ) turns around and uses  it for our good ,and that of others. So many say they are sorry, that I got this ,they don’t think what I have in spite of it.

Who knew, that I can see possibilities,where  men  can’t? I do stick within my limitations. I don’t drive, it’s safer because I hit a tree once  while trying. That was the end  of that for me .I know that driving and swimming are things  beyond my capacity to do.I don’t do sports.I don’t care to. Yet ,when it  comes to language “gymnastics” , I have at least a bronze medal in it. Or is it bronze-plated? I admit I am not the best at it ,but that’s quite alright.

I am sure there’s much more that the “who’s never knew”,and I might think of more at a later time. This is okay for now,I believe.




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