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To pay tribute  means to honor ,so with that in mind…this post is a tribute to them:

It’s with a heavy heart I write this blog,15 years after the fact, for the victims of the September 11,2001 attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers,as well as the Pentagon.

Close to 3,000 people died that day. All different walks of life , mothers,fathers,sons,brothers,sisters,aunts uncles,cousins.Elderly ,and young….child and adult. Police ,and fire rescue…ordinary people ….or so it seemed,in extraordinary and catastrophic circumstances that no one could possibly imagine,that would happen  on THAT day.


People can tell me I don’t know what it was like,and they are right .I knew my response to it back then,as clear as it was today.I felt the exact same today ,as I did then …I knew where I was.I remember who I was with. Another seemingly cloudless day,as today was. As I see those images ,just as I did back then, I wanted to scream,”NO!”I did scream on the inside, I felt powerless as I am certain many others did.

I couldn’t bear today ,because of that memory.

I am glad to be here still. Yet I cannot reconcile the evil that transpired on that day. One thing ,some may not realize ,as I do , is that there was a small Greek Church nearby,close to where ground zero is…Its name was St.Nicholas Church . It was obliterated. I will keep my comment brief  on that as well. I felt very angry that  no one but  a few people besides the Orthodox had realized this. And  all we now have  is a memorial ,where those buildings stood…as a reminder of that fateful day .For the majority of us,life goes on as if NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

The survivors and families of that event have to carry it for the rest of their lives.

Let  us pray,and pay tribute to those people ,who with bravery ,selflessness,love, and the decency, that can be found in humanity,are indeed worthy of.

I ask that  there be  no need to respond to this  unless that response is a  silent prayer for their blessed memory.

Eternal Be Their Memory!

Eonia I Mnimi!!!!!

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