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Hiding in Plain Sight

Would  you recognize an angel,hiding in plain sight?

Would you see the struggles of a brave soul, hidden right in front of you?

Would you understand the  simplest of requests ,hidden in the face of a friend?

How  would we  know and see  something for what it really is if we  are not tuned rightly, not by what we want to see, but what is actually there?

People  come to others, believing that the others are wiser and stronger than they. It is not always the case,no matter  how the latter would choose to dismiss their own struggle in favor  of helping another.They choose to be stoically  convinced that  leaving their   own struggle behind ,will prove they are stronger for it.

Humanity has a hard job ahead of itself. It has to learn to balance struggle and strength,with wisdom and weakness.We can conjure  up all sorts of  “self-help-isms”,and still not help a damned thing. We are limited beings. That’s a FACT. We are not IMMORTAL in these  limited bodies. What surpasses  the mere physicality  of it all is ,someone ELSE’S  Spirit…GREATER than all of ours combined!

I expect varied commentary , on that point alone. I don’t need agreement, for it to be worthy of  meditating upon. I don’t  really need a “like”, or an “atta -girl”…that is so astute! Or the” hey ,I see a lot of intelligence in that” …my answer to all those is a whopping whoop-dee-doo…my wisdom isn’t SQUAT…I don’t have multiple degrees of glory to  back me up on my thesis riddled conjecture about humanity’s quirkiness… I have one…a G.E.D. I don’t expect to be in the same category of those who spent 20 years ,pondering to themselves the meaning of life  or those who hold in highest regard their Sophist type opinionated versions of wisdom.

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