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The “early-bird”

It has been my idea ,to attempt to get  up and started during “normal” hours of the day. It has been met  with some resistance , by my not being the “natural” version of a morning person.

With  that having been said… Let’s get  busy .

Time to get started on that practice. If  I really  am truly motivated,I will do it . I believe that  ,this is not un-relatable . If we as humans  are  prone to motivation,NOTHING,and I repeat ,nothing can stop us.

No room for excuses, because we  don’t afford  for laziness sake. I am up because , let’s face it,I am used to sleeping about 16 hours  on some days. Oops..

Some bloggers here, are psychologists  ,and they might  perk up on that and ask , “are you depressed?” “Uh,what do you think?” And how do YOU feel about that?

I am reminded  that in every life ,a little rain must fall.. If we want to enjoy those good days in our lives, we must also accept  that there are also days ,where  hiding under that rock , must also  be acknowledged, that in order to know joy , one must also embrace  sadness..there is a balance.

I haven’t, nor will I, dare  to stop trying  to find that balance . This is part of therapy  for me, in keeping with my own professional’s opinion ,of actively  taking my life and learning to cope with everything that is in it.

I am assured , that there are plenty of people who are similar in their thought processes …This journaling  is  not just for me though. It’s for that one person who says …wow! you too? Yep. Me  too.

And before the finish of that  stationary  cup of coffee, and the rising of the sun on this  blessed day , not promised yesterday . … My first  blog is done .



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