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The Rising of the Sun

At this particular moment , where I sit , the sun is still in its slumber,yet if we fast-forward an hour to the east, it is already up ,and raring to go. I hear no roosters crowing …so they too are asleep in their  coops. Shh… let’s not wake them up yet…

The further we go eastward, from my own location ,it is noon-day already … the hustling about  for the lunchtime crowds ,already a-buzz ,probably wishing they  had that  4-hour slumber that I had , that they aren’t getting until  much later.

I live in the Midwest.

When I  first woke up ,to one of my first full sunrises  ,it was  very peaceful. A light fogginess in the distance , as I sat  enrobed with  a coffee cup in hand , with my companion  Henry , sitting next to me on the front step.

I thought of how I first  got here.

I used to live in a bustling  little town on the outskirts of  Orlando ,Florida. Where I am now , is starkly different . I wake up  to a slower paced  life than having to hurry up in order to get to work. One could say , I sound like a retiree, and in a way,  they are right, because I have been retired  since  I moved. I wouldn’t know how to act  if I was thrust back  into the workforce.

I can recall  working early mornings, and it was fine for what I had to do… My only problem was ,by the time 2 o’clock rolled around, I was  toast! The varied  amounts of caffeinated beverages had worn  off… and there I would be  looking as if I was bed-bound  for the night, so I would have to have another jolt of coffee to get me home…

The rising of the sun ,is our indicator , that we are  able to be up and alive , yet another day ,not promised before ,but hoped  for ,always.



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