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My blog has miserably missed  my attendance, so without further ado, here is my most recent work.


Life is an adventure,and it is what you make of it. Those  phrases seem cliche, and oft devoid of meaning ,  unless by sheer happenstance , it becomes more than just  a theoretical musing . In this writer’s case ,the happenstance and its meaning defy probability ,and even logic known to most. On a  clear and windy day in November, I was coming back from my local grocery store, when  en-route to my home, I greeted an elderly man.

He opened  his mouth ,and  responded  kindly,yet guarded would be his  words toward me . He thought that I was “one of those “kinds of women. Those  who for some unknown reason ,gravitated toward him ,to entice , or  otherwise  disrupt his solitary existence. His voice, when I heard it though, was of a deep bass  toned  cowboy.. (Think of Johnny Cash ,for a second. Just his voice.) His manner was of a gentleman, as we walked to the place he would casually  recline and light a cigar. I sat with him and chatted   for quite some time.(The important thing to remember here ,is that normally I would  get a familiar “uneasy” flutter , or a racing current of energy ,prompting me to get  up to leave. Not this time.)

He spoke of  his past experiences, some  with fondness , others ,it  would be clear to me ,that  those  were deep  wounds. He spoke about how he became the ” Wolf Man “.I listened  intently , as  he held me  rapt  as his only audience for a time. His ability to engage one  by his story-telling, is amazing.

It would become the start of a wonderful relationship that would mature  to (as it is now.. as a father to his daughter. The Adventure  is on going….the  writing ,fresh and new, with the styling  of the “Wolf Man” and the “Pixie”.(It should be  self-evident that it is I who bear the name ,”Pixie”.)


He is not a harsh critic.

He listens  as I recall events relevant to my history  and mindset. We have found a kindred interest , in each other, to be the type of humanity  that  can love people  as they are, help to edify one another,and show the love of God  as He taught us to.








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