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Abnormally challenging the Norm

Challenging the Norm

I was told that I am an enigma. That my sole purpose in life is to “Challenge the norm”.

People praise me for many things, but they are clueless ,really. Only 80 recent years, have I been able to describe, to the best of my abilities, what MY NORMAL,actually IS.

From the physical ,to the not so evident, very few will get it. It is who I have evolved into. My thoughts are not normal to someone, only because they didn’t get to categorize me in some little PC  way. If I am deficient in capability, the “norm ” surmises that it has the market cornered on its definition of deficient.

These are the same ones who load up their “plates “,with “important ” things.

Doing things in a timely and efficient manner,DOESN’T mean driving yourself and others crazy,with unrealistic expectations, of performance on any level. If you think people must keep up with “you” ,then it is you who missed the point !

I do not fall under a specified categorically PC label, and I refuse to! I resent those who think their labels define me. The labels serve more to define THEM.


Originality devoid. Freud was right only in a few things ,it makes him no father of psychology! I won’t be defined by anyone other than God !

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