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The Ways of the World vs. God

The ways of the world teach us that God doesn’t exist, it isn’t possible for Him to. God said,”Anything is possible for those who believe in Him.

The ways of the world say to us, “Anything goes.” You won’t have a consequence to it. God says otherwise. There is an equal and opposite reaction to everything.

The ways of the world go out of their way to discredit Him. He doesn’t need the world to give Him credit. He is responsible for our very existence.

The world’s ways say, “Our opinions on Scripture, have more basis for Truth, than the actual Truth of God.” God is the Source of ALL  Truth. Period.

The ways of the world serve other gods. There are so many of them which lead to the path of utter destruction and separation. God is the God that reigns over all Creation. He is above all other gods. “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (1st Commandment)

The ways of the world condemn Holy Tradition. God’s order to worship, is mocked, ripped, discounted , spit upon, debased, and otherwise twisted into the likeness of something that is not and does not resemble His Truth. God’s ways of worship have no need to conform to the demands and sophistries of men!!!(“let God be the Source of all Truth, and every man be a liar!”)

The world wants to destroy all that is good, and profitable to our souls. When people decide it’s okay to modify the natural order of things, there is a greater chance at making a grievous error. (Ex: When people decide they can modify themselves, as in gender reassignment, choosing to be effeminate, aborting fetuses because they can make the choice for another who won’t ever be able to argue with the choices the parent made. These are only a few examples of things that have a great consequence.

Now….Let’s flip the world on its axis… and say to it,”Your ways are not welcome. Your ways are destructive. You have no Love in you.” You are careless. You seek to destroy anything that is good and decent for your own means and wanton distorting of what we are to actually do.


God’s Way is about Love, Love for Him, His Creation and each other.When will we ever learn? Will it be too late?


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