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A Mark of Maturity

People have different levels of maturity as we all know. I won’t preach to a choir. I don’t hope to proselytize. I will state what I feel to be true. A diploma isn’t an indicator of maturity. One can “graduate” from schools of learning and be immature. They can laud scholarship all they want, but in the end, they are severely lacking in maturity. This applies to the cohorts of avarice.

I see more maturity and wisdom from children because they are guile-less and forthright.(It is something that seems  to vanish as people get older and supposedly wiser.) Children ask the darndest questions without fear of propriety mocking them. Their attitudes are starkly different than adults also. They surprise us  with the profundity of questioning  by using a single word “Why?” Adults readily dismiss them because the irritation of having to STOP and pay attention to someone else instead of their agendas.

Think about our interactions with our fellow adults…. and you might see my point…. or not.

Either way, it gives me room to stop and think of  selfless maturity that has NO  age requirement!


That’s wisdom for the ages.

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