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To Love, to Laugh and to Live

I recently got married to my soulmate.  We have said to  these of conventional scrutiny,  that we aren’t held to those expectations, rather we are bound to what God asked us to do.  I was asked my reasons for uniting with this man of my life, asked whether the motivator was because of money or his declining health.If I love someone who cares what you think? I don’t love you like I love him. I didn’t ask for an unsolicited “opinion” or consultation about propriety!

He is a mature man and I am now his wife. Age barriers aren’t there. People in my age group (men) can’t hold a candle to this man that I married according to me. They don’t seem to understand what a woman NEEDS. The relationship that I have is of a couple falling in love with each other EVERY  day they breathe. They don’t let circumstances dictate how they love each other.

I have a man who lives for my every happiness. I live for his. He asks me my desires. He acknowledges my feelings. If I should be ailing, he is attentive. He cares. I am being shown how to relate to a spouse in the RIGHT way. His maturity grounds me. His laughter makes me grin. His pain hits me to my core. His love lifts me higher than I could ever imagine. That’s love for ya!


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