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Social Media: A reason for a person to become “anti-social”?

I remember growing up with the  rules of “Don’t let everyone know your business.” Now everyone clamors to social media sites, to let EVERYONE THEY POSSIBLY  CAN FIND so they can spill every second of their day to possibly millions of people. Talk about a person’s life becoming an “open-book”. And the best part, they give it away…. for FREE!

Take for instance Facebook. It CAN be a positive thing for people to reunite, and share, and make new “friends”.  I admit here and now, it can be addicting. It should never be used as a replacement for person to person contact. The intimacy is gone.

I recently married a loving and caring man who is an avid writer, and a 5  time published author in his own right. .His postings are compelling as well as profound. I guess you could call me biased.  One of the things that attracted us to each other was our passion for writing.

When he recently returned to Facebook, he was excited about the prospect of being able to share his thoughts, with “like” minded people…. what he got was liked all right. He was then assailed  with “friend” requests. The majority of these were women who for one reason or another after he added them, would message the poor man, leaving him perplexed. The reason?  Quite simply, he was kind to them and explained that he was mature and married.  He would kindly chat with anyone on topics, platonically, and decently. He is old-fashioned.I don’t worry about him being faithful to me. He already has my heart.

What makes people so desperate for attention? The world is so hooked into technology, that it has taken  away the intimacy of human contact in the natural sense and replaced it with impersonal texts,etc . We humans were bred to be social ..we need each other. But, in the world we live in ,”over-socializing ” ,can be the ruin  of us …




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