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Love Letters

Does anyone remember what a love letter looks like? A long time ago those were penned by people, just like you and me. The language used was proper, romantic, and the body of the letter contained the expressions of a lover’s devotion for his true love. Those most famous, made their legacy, for future generations, in the form of poetic prose. One such story of romance came from  William Shakespeare.

When was the last time you received one? I know I’ve kept several of mine, to my one true love….and from him to me. I keep them as a reminder of my lover’s  devotion ….to me.

 As a girl, I remember reading stories of  Princes, who rescued a fair maiden, where chivalry wasn’t dead. People who study such literature, are shown a difference in how people expressed love. There were tragedies, that would break hearts . Unrequited love.  Love….impossible. 

Today, it is rare to see a handwritten expression of feeling and devotion. It is archaic. It is “old-school”. Old fashioned. It is replaced by digital texts. and video chats. The expressionless society has drained the necessary elements of human love ,leaving it literally an empty

I think I will find that special box and some beautiful ribbon, and tie  those beautiful love letters up…. as a tribute to my one true love…


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