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The Battle for Eternal Life

Now …..IS the Time….to say these things. I was told a long time ago by my dad, that when I was

young,I fought FOR life…that’s true. God was my Strength back then. When men said to my parents

“You have a choice, you can either take your daughter home, and let her die, or you can let us try to

do an experimental procedure….Shunting was in the early stages of development back then. That was

46 years ago. I am STILL fighting FOR LIFE. I never stopped. Neither did God! As an extension of

his statement, he had said, that now that I am older, I have to fight FOR MY life.( I was 16 at the time.)

My life…which one? The temporal, temporary, physical life? Or how about my ETERNAL LIFE? I was God’s from the start…I am STILL HIS! My master is not of this world. My Master never trod an“easy, convenient, or comfortable road”. As a matter of fact, He trod the road that few are WORTHY to.

Where do people think I get my “brutal” honesty? I have an allergic reaction to lies and contradictions. They DON’T compute. I am a BAD liar. If I attempt it, I am quickly found out as one..so I have to tell the Truth. If I don’t ,I will be convicted by God! Men accept lies , and they say them, earth, because of who they follow. Jesus NEVER LIED. He stood up for the falsely accused, the poor, the widow, and all those that the world discarded..or deemed as unworthy! We have a reflection of evil that exists now. It seeks to kill, steal and DESTROY!

The Bible has a Scripture that has this in it:”Do not store up treasures upon the earth, but rather look to your Eternal Inheritance. The Inheritance= Eternal Life in Christ! I am by no means “perfect” here, yetwe are told that when Christ is in us, it is He Who perfects us!

We live in a time where the Adversary will have a field day. He will separate people, by causing strife,and division, hatred, and oppression. He will use all means at his disposal. Families will be destroyed.

People will fall away from their belief in God , because of unbelief. Unbelief in His Promises. Hepromised us that He would neither leave, or forsake us…. to the end of the Age! What can men promise, that is better than THAT?

He holds a Sword. He comes to gather His Faithful to Him, and Destroy evil…… He alone is WORTHY …to be called my Savior, Redeemer, my Defense, my Refuge and Strength in evil days! NO  Politician can save ….us! 

He drew a line in the sand…….Just as the Finger of God wrote the Commandments on the stone tablets….

I remember the Beatitudes, and what it says people will do to those who stand for God……We are to Rejoice…… because He will reward us greatly in Heaven! He is the Victor over sin, death, and evil.For those not with Him, He comes with a Sword, to destroy them. Revelation clearly alludes to that…. as does the Prophecy of  Daniel….and the Prophecy of  Isaiah!

This is the Day which the Lord Has Made……I will Rejoice  and be glad in it!


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