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Be Faithful with the “little things”.

Christ told The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12 ... This link also describes the spiritual aspect of those who use their  Gifts  God gave…vs those who have Gifts,yet do not use them…www.theologyofwork.org/new-testament/matthew/living-in-the-new-kingdom-matthew-18-25/the-parable-of-the-talents-matthew-2514-30.

There are people on earth who are convinced that the Gifts of  God have “ceased”. Well, from the standpoint of this, those folks may be met with opposition via this Scripture.God gives us each a “measure” of His Gifts, according to that which He knows we can handle!People put Glossolalia, etc, ahead of the #1 Gift He gave us to use and to share: love. Without Love, there is no return on our investment, since we hoard the Gifts for ourselves. WE think we get to decide how to use them? God knows how He intended us to use them. So let’s show God we are Faithful….get off our complacent butts and do our Father’s Business!

There are the Faithful, who also are Faithful in spite of adversity, and difficulty. They ENDURE  it WITH grace….. their Strength comes  from God ….How?  They are  Faithful with the little mustard seed of Faith ………no matter how chaotic life gets….. do they get sad? Sure! But they don’t stay there wallowing…. they get determined! They pray …then they DO.God’s wish is not for us to suffer…. yet even in our sufferings, He is Faithful and just. Too many complain about having the sniffles, for instance, yet do nothing to apply the medication to ease the symptoms. Sometimes, to cure depression…GET up….. do something….  Don’t  feel bad, I had gotten stuck in the “woe-is-me” tidepool….until someone told me to straighten it up, stand up, and work it out!Easier said than done, right? Does the fact that I say this make me sound like I lack compassion? Let me  take a page out of my family’s playbook here:

I remember when I would over worry about getting sick… nobody likes getting sick believe me, I know. Yet, they helped me a great deal  by encouraging me, to  keep my head above the  water, no matter how bad it got…It sticks with me to this day,and every day. They taught me to be Faithful….. in bad times…. and in good. They  showed me how to use  my talents….and share them… biblical premise  stated above.. Even when they aren’t around , God also sent me a loving man,who is  my husband , to remind me of the same. God shows us  how to be Faithful …..with the little things , so He can increase us…..He gives the increase.

All He asks , that  no matter what ,we should be Faithful in all things, whether in plenty or in want…. in every situation….no matter  how difficult  it seems… because He is there even in the Valleys …..


He is Worthy!

The Pixie Cowgirl


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