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What Love actually means

A lot  of people think Love means:

If this according to “my expectations” and I will say I love you.

If you buy me what I want, I will say I love you.

If you give me fancy “gifts” I will say I love you.

If you make enough money, I will love you.

If you make love to me according to my desires, I will love you.

If you take me to a fancy restaurant, I will love you.

If you are the desired image of a person I want, I will love you.



What it actually means:


Keeping your  expectations only for the happiness and joy of the one you claim to love!

You cannot buy someone’s love no matter who it is. It is insincere and gratuitous. It builds resentment and unnecessary feelings of obligation. A true gift is one you cannot buy, nor need money for.It’s a gift from you.

If you truly love someone, you can be happy in plenty or in want.

If you truly desire intimacy with another, you will see what they can do.You won’t ask them to do something just to satisfy your own needs.

Providing for the basic NEEDS  of the one you love. Fanciness isn’t necessary. Simpler is just as good!Then you can still act like you’re in a fancy restaurant.

The one you love’s appearance on the outside is not nearly as important as what’s on the inside.


Do you want to know how I know these things?

I know this because I am learning to trust the one I love, thus challenging the “programmed” responses of society, which takes the natural form of love and replaces it with that which is neither realistic nor sincere.

My loving husband  Earl , reminded me of our vows to each other, and that is why I love him so much.

“For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others and  keeping ourselves only unto each other, til death us do part!”


He said to me “I love you  DOES MEAN SOMETHING!”






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