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No matter what… , there will be those who can be liberated!

No matter what someone has taught you to think , you CAN challenge it. You DON’T  have to fear insecure  people . Their insecurities are their own ….they own them. There are others who will try to project their insecurities onto others, in order to validate them  being insecure, and reasoning a lack of ability to confront what poisons them, thus poisoning  others they  come in contact with. Too many have been poisoned by others’ opinions, and supposed “moralities”. Those who poison the others  feel justified by doing so.


I have to face myself everyday. No one else has to  face me ,if they don’t want to.  If I don’t  do  something  like  speak up /out , in fear of others retaliating against me,guilting me or otherwise  questioning my capacity to  reason,when there is no  longer reason to perpetuate a lie, I see myself as a coward. Cowardice is not bravery…. Bravery means standing up for what is RIGHT…..DESPITE  the cost to “comfortable ” relationships that lie ,and persist the wrongdoing, by acceptance  of the wrong  committed.”It is what it is…..YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT “….i HAVE HEARD…WELL if that is true , then Jesus ,despite the world  being as IT  is….. didn’t affect it at all???? REALLY? He taught us compassion…. yes…. He taught us forbearance, and meekness…. He taught love…. and sometimes that Love  was a strong dose  of His Justice. I don’t take  vengeance into my own hands. I cannot… If someone attacked anyone ….and I mean anyone I love ,I would  put myself in front of a bullet, or blade or whatever necessary. I have least consideration for the comfortable complacent stuff ….. that insists that we shy away  from challenges , that  help us grow…. People grow in many ways…. Some people get tired  eventually of the justifications  of others  because they  think because they accept it as it is …..everyone else  HAS TO? PFFT. I think not!


God  will have me grow ,the way He knows I need. I was taught  to “challenge the norm”. Thanks ,Dad! He made me special indeed!He didn’t  have me live to accept double standards,lies, and bullying because someone is who they think they are , or they’re “older”,etc…. He didn’t build me  for shallow nonsense.He didn’t tell  me to accept only people that my family approves of … He accepted those  the world discarded. He said to know the ways of the world ,NOT TO CONFORM TO THEM. People  don’t LIKE  that one.

It’s gonna be a helluva fight folks…… ONLY  the strong and Faithful in Christ WILL SURVIVE….the rest lacking in Faith….and belief  will PERISH…LOOK AT Revelation….. if you DON’T BELIEVE  me.



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