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When does being a “good listener” become a problem?

I have noticed over the years that people like to talk to each other. Family and friends will congregate together to discuss issues and troubleshoot. A lot of people share secrets too. What happens when a secret becomes public?People get to know the hidden issues. Things people hide, all the while putting on a facade of being decent. When they are found out what their conviction is… they run.Hmm. When someone tells you,”Hey, I only attended YOUR  wedding to tick off my mother” who happens to be your sister who adopted them…..what would be an appropriate response? Should I be upset,because THEY chose to show up under those conditions? They blurt it out to you as a means to show their “solidarity”  for someone else they cannot handle in adversity? I would say to that individual it would  be time to grow up. And DON’T use me as a means to piss someone else off! I will want to vaporize you. Especially if you have the propensity to grovel to me about your other problems when you complain no one else is “there” for you when you “need” them!

….I am sorry there will be NO  crises next week, my schedule is already full… If I want to listen to gossip..I’ll watch Television like so many others do.Oh! Wait! I threw it out. It was trash. All that was on it was 100+ channels  of entertainment, “news” and  other things. A waste of time!!!

As a kid growing up,in a pretty big family,we had 3 channels to watch with much MORE decent content. Certain things were NOT allowed  for viewing  according to the FCC. They kept it clean and decent. Now gossip is in the form of “talk shows”! If I want to see someone talk, it won’t be  about drama. It won’t be about “fashion”.I have swore off this thing , for longer than Lent.!


#Who cares what shallow people think,about others’ behaviors? Maybe I would start my own “talk” show” but gossip about celebrities ,and other assorted subjects  would NOT BE ALLOWED. People have been “conditioned” in this generation, that Gossip is …A-ok.

Making fun of people, or things is okay? Sure, Let’s gossip about it, right?????

I think not!

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