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Family histories

Have you ever researched your own genealogy? I find the process  quite fascinating… like reading our own versions of ‘so and so begat this one ,who had sons and daughters,by that person”…..almost like a live version  of the chronologies in the Bible….

I have been engaging in it ,a little at a time….I decided to play in the family sandbox for awhile today … to give my mind a  break from other things,and it does work. I almost can imagine  these people…. Almost.Old-time photographs reveal a different time and place. The stories that these pictures  don’t tell, are ones for the record keepers, who used to write memoirs.The other form was oral or spoken record, recollections, and folklore. We have a rich human history…We are all family in this respect that we are all human. We are all related; we have been so since the beginning of our Creation!

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