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Technology Makes Things Easier?

Many decades ago letter  writing was still a mode of communication. Our phone systems  were geared toward having a human being on the other end. The Postal Service  had its  way to deal with the sending and receiving of correspondence. For instance, when a person received a  bill in the mail, there was a way to contact  someone regarding  the remit  notice.

Today, we  have  computerized “menu-options”, for  telephone  communication. (“Press 1 for English”,etc.) Many people  I am assured can relate, to the frustration I am expressing here in this entry.By the time one  gets through the “prompts”, they may  find themselves on the verge of a technologically-induced  mental breakdown. Unfortunately, as  more time passes, we find ourselves being  thrust into another technological advancement, purported to  give us ease of access? Ease of access  doesn’t include:

  1. After I “Press 1 for English”, I end up speaking to someone using an “English”  name, but not able to speak, or  understand it themselves. They could  get a refresher  course in English Phraseology and Usage. Press 2  for  in-depth tutorial.
  2. The Automated system  doesn’t take into account speech patterns of various  people.
  3. When  entering a number sequence, sometimes the  time allotment isn’t long enough.
  4. “Customer Service”,isn’t always customer-friendly.
  5. Some  places won’t allow  your own account representative ( spouse , or  other )to speak on your behalf.

These are  just a few examples.

With handling disputes, and  other things, they are done “electronically”.

Even though they claim it is “easier” , we  end up in a  bad mind-frame.

So much for progress,eh?




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