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The Temptations of this World

We as a human race are constantly  tempted, with barrages of subliminal messages  aimed at our subconscious mind. We need some  picture to tell us  “it’s so good ,we MUST have THAT!” We are a race that is tempt-able. We fall for things all the time . Whether  it be the  pictures of lavish homes..designer clothes and accessories, designer minds ,or designer  faiths, we are at society’s mercy.

WE are prompted to consider that we are not satisfied with what we have ,or we “need” that other thing.

We  are even tempted by society  to agree with them that we can help ourselves, on our own,but if that were remotely  true ,we would not need all sorts of people in  other  capacities,and even there  in that respect ,we are being convinced by them .If we were such a sufficient race of people , and effectively so  then why ,are there so many of us, and why are we not as independent ,as   our society would have us believe?

In order to know how to be a D.I.Y. ‘er… you must first , have available the instruction from someone else who has actually done it.

We are tempted to believe that Love is a prepackaged notion from some fairy-tale book we have read as children .


The real aspects of Love are distorted by societies, and cultural biases. Real love is scarce. It is rarely seen. We are called to the temptations of this world, and even use the  word Love to describe our affinity for temporal things. Those things which do not last.

Should we be tempted to  speak about the Truth ?


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