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A Melody played ,a memory remains

How often do we find  our lives  expressed  in song  by  the  lyrics and melodies of songs we choose? I find it more often  than one thinks. One other blogger here  named Matthew  also has a blog with that same premise.

“Lyric of my Life” is what he calls it.

How true is the concept of art imitating life? Music in itself expresses what  we otherwise wouldn’t ,or couldn’t dare to. It connects  us to that experience  which that of the lyricist portrays.

David ,(King David,of Biblical times) wrote such songs ,or “psalms” relating to experiences in his own life .His heartbreak , mistakes,repentance,reconciliation ,and praise .

Sometimes when I hear a certain song ,my heart is pierced clear through,and  it has nothing to do with bitterness.It has to do with other things. Sadness , for the sinful nature of the world ,and the hope of redemption ,despite the wickedness  of people ,in general,is often the  feeling I get.

I remember that when I hear a particular song, it recalls an old memory of  people ,places , and events. I can listen to  some song ,and instantly   be transported to another  time, in my mind.





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