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The Challenges we May Face in This Life

I am thankfully  learning before it is “too late” that there are many ways I could see the  challenges that come to me in my lifetime.It is MY  choice…..what response I  will use. It matters what I think, mostly to me…. and to those that TRULY  understand me. A wise man ,that I have learned this from , is also one who really gets me . He challenges me in  my former  thought processes, and in so doing, he shows me  that I DON’T have to be a SLAVE to behaviors, that others conditioned me to have  because it MAKES THEM COMFORTABLE ….all the while  it puts me in the bottom of a well….. while THEY PILE THE DIRT ON TOP OF ME? BURY ME  WITH THEIR BULL? YEAH  RIGHT!!!!

I have adopted a nickname ….”Pixie Cowgirl”…..why not guess why? It is DIFFERENT , IT DOESN’T BEG  FOR approval  of others……it is a free, pardon the expression “ASS KICKING ” IDENTITY…. IT HELPS ME  GET UP OFF MY BUTT ….stop feeling sorry  for myself and kick the living crap out of that poisonous ideological crap  that some would much rather see me succumb to….


Sorry……Pixie Cowgirls …..don’t lie down to die , for the comfort or satisfaction of others and their PERSONAL AND DESTRUCTIVE AGENDAS!!!!!!




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