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I have had the most amazing time (of my life ) since meeting  the love of my life ,my soul-mate ,friend, lover…..and husband….Earl Smith. I had occasion to tell him yesterday, how amazed I am that he  and I were to meet  when we had.  The whole point of  our meeting, for both of us  was to learn to love, so that we could  love each other in totality! He has many more years of experience on this planet than I do…yet , the age difference  doesn’t matter. Some things I have learned about him and his values are :

  • A husband does everything to secure the FUTURE for the one he loves! He doesn’t just sit around DEMANDING his wife   to be his SLAVE to his whims!
  • I love you…..means SOMETHING  very important. It means that he is WILLING to be patient and tenderhearted  toward HIS sweetheart! He doesn’t boss her around, he INCLUDES HER….IN the decision making processes of the household.
  • He PROTECTS  her, from all threats to his best ability.
  • SHE IS EVERYTHING TO HIM ,AND FOR HIM,AND HE ALSO TO ,FOR HER. NO one else matters in that relationship.
  • He doesn’t tolerate “family” that put wedges  between him and his wife. He values family….just not the dramatic,soap opera ,dysfunctional types. All he ever wanted was a FAMILY.
  • He is Passionate….with so much love , it is  near impossible to plumb the depths….yet when I do … it is amazing.
  • He cannot stand for the following to be harmed or abused in ANY way: women ,children, animals ,or innocent human beings!
  • He said to me that the world needs know this:Not all forms of abuse are ILLEGAL!  A person can be severely emotionally abused, or manipulated… by those so-called “good  people”….There is none good….No….NOT ONE …ASIDE FROM THE FATHER IN HEAVEN.
  • Honesty  and  the Courage to be such , go hand in hand.
  • He taught me it’s okay for me to be ME…. He didn’t marry anyone else! My sister says before I got married, that ” When you marry someone else, you marry THEIR FAMILY TOO!”  Funny thing that is…. I don’t buy that I married HIS SISTER! POPPYCOCK! HE didn’t marry my mother, my father, sisters ,or brothers. Again….He married me!
  • He has ZERO TOLERANCE for those things that he calls NON-SENSE… Nonsense…is:
  • A : Quite simply those things that are self serving, shallow , fleeting, and FAKE.  HE didn’t live on this earth for 70  years  to be inundated by idiocy, faddishness, and useless garbage that we  now see as  part of our societal norms!
  • He has zero tolerance for people  who are tyrannical……abusive…..tangental , controlling,manipulative, disrespectful,greedy,etc.
  • If perchance  he should be your  friend, be thankful….because there are  not many like him on earth anymore!


With that all said….This will be my blog  for the day! Be blessed….Be a blessing…..and count your many blessings!

The Pixie Cowgirl

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