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A man Named Earl


When I met a man named Earl, he used to say he didn’t look like much.He wondered why women would want to have anything to do with an old geezer like him. I told him that I “didn’t do” old geezers,so he called himself an old buzzard instead! He asked me why other women gravitated toward him.(Those who were “needy”,etc.) I said I didn’t know the particular mindset of other women and why they would “bait” such a man. I understood where he was coming from,though. He would speak and instantly(as far as I am concerned)have a rapt audience. His manner was genteel. Honorable was his code of behavior. He had seen his share of anguish in this world ,starting from an early age of 5. He saw  things a child should never have to. He would have to “grow-up” really quick. The one parent he really admired was his mother, Mildred.

She was one he would always  speak of  fondly,as a son should. He respected his mother. He would later on in our relationship regale me  with stories about what that wonderful woman was like. If she had survived to this day, I would’ve met  my mother-in-law. I would’ve most likely called her “mom” .Every  time he needed a  woman in his life worth her salt, he would measure her against his own mother…(A woman with similar qualities of loyalty and love for those around her.)She knew what she had to do and did it!

He loves animals and people . He expressed what he loves and hates about humanity’s depravity and abuses. He is diametrically opposed to abusers of any ilk. He hates destructive behaviors. He has seen what they  can do .He doesn’t really ask for much,except  for love and respect.He regards love and his personal honesty above all virtues. He is a “true” cowboy.(cowpoke) He has no flights of grandeur,yet he elevates those he truly  loves above himself….no matter how  he feels. (I have witnessed this in him,and he is consistently aware of this about himself. He is secure in who he is. A lot of men are not.)

When he took me out , for the first  time ,and subsequently every time  after, he was always a gentleman. He still is. I can talk to this man about ANYTHING….not all women are that comfortable with their spouses. I am with mine. We wed each other 3 months to the day from when we first met! We met in November,on the 10th. We wed in February on the 10th of the following year! A lot  would say….that’s just “too fast”. Do you really know what  you are doing with a man …..that …old? The decent folk wouldn’t bother us with such trivial concerns. When  some people “grill” us  like that , they forget  that we don’t have to “marry the family” when we are married to each other!Truthfully,if I married any of his family or mine…I might contemplate suicide…get that ,yet? See ,what they do not care to know, is how I really feel about their ideas about marriage. One sister out of three, is a widow. I know that’s going to be an eventuality  for me , but ,I will enjoy every single moment I can with the man I love.I won’t harp  for twenty years  about my grief…the reason….is that why grieve when there is still joy….joy in the knowledge that God gave us to each other, and we will love each other ’til the 12th of Never! Not just unto physical death.

I know the vows I  said to him.I didn’t falter. I looked into his eyes. and I said clearly  that I vowed to love, honor ,and cherish him, in richer or poorer, in sickness as in health,til death we should part! I believe  that he is my soul-mate. I believe that  our soul-connection will last forever!



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