Earlier this evening my loving husband asked  for pancakes  for dinner.He even carefully told me the details. When I got to the last part(the water)I slowly added the water  by cupfuls….S-L-O-W-L-Y! It was the first time I ever made pancakes from scratch. Nice plan,right?He asked me how innovative I would get…..little did he know until   he came out to check on my progress….. that the stove was turned up way too high, and oil had splattered on my right arm! At the last “pancake” I tossed the burner into the off position ,and  quickly cast the skillet aside….and then told him i needed REALLY  cold water….and  ran to the bathroom…his worried  and chagrin-ed visage was not hidden  from me.

So …as the night progresses , long after the dinner  has ceased…..i find myself  wondering if I will end up having to favor my left -hand….. until the burnt dominant one heals? I may  have to learn to become ambidextrous……..


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