A Mother’s Day-part one

This is a story  that is true to recollection by this author… It’s about a day of remembering “Mother’s Days” of years  past.

I remember my own mother, when on Mother’s Day one year, we had made her “flowers ” made  from different kinds of tissue….or was it tissue paper  for wrapping? That was when I was about 5 maybe 6. The traditional thing to give a mom on a day like that was  flowers. Mom would later tell me  that I shouldn’t give her real flowers,because they die. It might be a reason for her liking silk flower arrangements or dried flowers. I will go with that logic for now. The look on her face then was pride? It is a hazy memory.  I remember the looks on her face  on other days of the year  more than that.

I remember her rushing to my aid  when I fell. I remember screaming , and she would do her best   to console me,though her attempts  were  limited.There’s only so much a mom can do. She wants nothing more than her child not to suffer….to be happy. She has a total of six of us kids.I am the last child in line. Yet ,a lot of times I had to come first. Hydrocephalus  back then , for me was a  “Cat-and_mouse” thing. It would catch me unaware, and then a trip to the hospital would interfere in our family life. That happened 10 times. Mom grew to hate hospitals.  Who could blame her. My sisters would have to  keep an eye on my brothers  while mom and dad rushed me to a hospital ,due to an infection, or malfunction of the shunt.

I also can recall  what my father  would say about mom,and how she wasn’t a “good” mother. Well, for one my father lied. A good mother doesn’t beat her children, or other adults to put them in their place. Today that  would be grounds  for assault and battery, there would be  a prison term  for that. That person would be known as A  CRIMINAL.His mother beat MINE. WHY?  Supposedly it was PC  to have a mother-in-law beat the daughter-in-law  senseless and into submission??????????????? Good God! That was supposedly a “CHRISTIAN WOMAN”? HER SON …..a METHODIST MINISTER?????? People have been imprisoned for such things……………. NOT ALL ABUSE IS ILLEGAL….

She tried her best to “enjoy” mother’s days”  while living with my father….. Later years I could finally send my sentiments and love , even singing to her a song I heard , that expressed what I had wanted to tell her….I hope she remembers  that song today.

Anyhow, it is amazing to me ,that today, my mother survives all that, and more.She is a wonderful mother …..I won’t see mine today, but I do know she is in my heart  always.

The Pixie Cowgirl




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