Cabin Fever

Today is “one-of-those” days. Dreary. Chilly. No sunshine. Stuck indoors. It has been said that if we don’t like the weather here in Iowa, just wait five minutes. I used to live in Florida for a bit over two decades. It gets hot there. Staying inside is a virtual must!

I have understood the condition of cabin fever to be oppressive, depressive, and leads someone like me likely to go stir crazy. I used to. I guess now I accept it,hence the reason for me sitting here writing this entry. Complaining (for me) does no good. All I can hope to do is keep myself occupied, so that I DON’T de-compensate!

Others have their ways of dealing with  this I am sure…. I wish though that my sweetheart and I could go fishing!!!! Sigh!


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