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I promise you…

I am sitting here reminiscing about how we first met , and how we ended up here. Today. I remember the first time you spoke to me, when you smiled as you talked about things you cared about. The moment you smiled your eyes flashed. That was when I thought to myself: “This man is worth knowing!” There was a spiritual  way about it though to most, they wouldn’t get it.

I asked you to give things a chance. You did. I remember the conversations we  would have. The “Good, the Bad, and the Painful”.(For both of us who never KNEW love before, it would be foreign territory.) Each one of us had other experiences , yet when we would meet, we would discover that we never found love before ! The people we knew as our former spouses, didn’t really know us.

As  a girl, you know , I entertained ideas about what I thought men would be like. I was limited though. The examples of gentleman behavior toward a woman were non-existent. What I saw  growing up , wasn’t even close. When I did meet someone after leaving “home” , that person would eventually have something in common with the other.

The moment we met, I had no idea that you fell in love with me. Maybe in my heart I already had fallen for you. The first time I almost lost you, I nearly died inside. Something in me revived and rebuked the idea that I should live my life without your love in it. It was time for me to give it a shot! I am so glad I did!

When we made our first trip out of town , out of necessity, I made a decision  to accompany you.. I didn’t want you to go through that alone. Sitting across from you at the restaurant ,I noticed how you would just look into my eyes and there again was that smile that would cross your lips, and your eyes lit up as they did the first day we met.

The day we wed, was a beautiful day, despite the challenges we faced. Every day since, has reminded me how much of a blessing you are to have in my life, my sweet darling. We may face storms in life, and uncertainties, but we are not alone in the world anymore, because God made sure we have each other!

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