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Policy of Truth?

I have had quite the conversation with my husband this A.M. What was it about? It was the most hated conversation anyone like me could have. People have had to fight this BEAST before….it’s PC crap. Politically Correctness, based on what a particular set group decides for the rest of the society…..this time…a heading states that many people will lose their healthcare….why? The Why is this:Politics is a way of the world…it is a behemoth bulldozing TANK…WHICH MILITARILY TAKES OUT THE TARGET!The target: Anyone who bucks the “norm”,which coincidentally is not theirs to DICTATE. It is more decent to leave the control to the discernment of the individual who ,by their conscience, makes the change within their own reach. Their duty is first to the One who created all things beyond the measure of man’s capability. It is said that apart from Him (God Almighty)we cannot do anything of any good effect. All our self made deeds and deals are NOTHING without Love as a motivator. Without Love….everything and everyone is DEAD!

Should we lie complacently, down as the doormat/footstool of another hell bent on destruction? Do we allow the world to manipulate us against or better judgement or conscience dictates? I say “NO!!!!!” My husband later stated he had tested my answers, and it got me fueled up…..question is,”What shall I do with this???” Do I listen to naysayers who say NOTHING CAN BE DONE,BECAUSE THE WORLD IS DONE FOR?? There is a better reason for my own existence than the approval of people,who claim they are successful by self esteeming themselves above another in order to oppress the lesser or “weaker” ones….How SELFISH these are! They forget too easily…..what will happen on their own Judgement Day……I won’t judge them because I will be judged also.

If today is the Last Day on earth,I will remember that the One Who died for me said to His Faithful, that He will NOT leave nor FORSAKE them,unto the end of the earth …There is a Day Coming….and this is NOT paranoia,it is not ultra-religiousity, it IS A WARNING that was given to humanity from antiquity. Winston Churchill a well-known statesman and Prime Minister said once,” Those  who do not understand or learn from their history are doomed to REPEAT it……”I guess no one is willing to break the cycle. Are the words of the Prophets of Old, the Apostles, Saints and Martyrs to befall deaf ears, and what they did for the sake of Faith in the One Who showed them what Faith in something much GREATER than the world could ever possibly be,would be not seen because people choose being blinded by the world and its ways…..are they to be in vain? Here’s something: whatever God does is NEVER in vain ,no matter how the world dismisses it! Am I angry? Yep. Will it make a difference?  probably not to most  ,which will say I am paranoid, and fixated on a “delusion”…etc……. I got news for those kind….In the words of  John Paul Jones and Patrick Henry:”I HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!” and, ” GIVE ME LIBERTY,OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!!!”



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