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I must write this…

On Sunday Ju ly 9th, I thought it was going to be a normal Sunday. I had had plans  of being with my sweetheart,Earl.I was,but not the way I had wanted the day to go. I awoke from my slumber feeling very disoriented and pained. I got up trying to “shake it off.” I tried everything not to just crumble to the floor. He knew something wasn’t right. So did I.

It was surreal,with me being in tears and confused. My head was swarming, and my hearing was as if I heard things  but not with clarity. I felt myself “slipping” away. I was scared to death. We finally agreed it was time to go the hospital. When we arrived there, I felt so out of it,that it took all I had just to stand there and answer simple questions.  Thank God,for my Earl! He stood there,even though he was having his own concerns (medically).He held me gently yet firmly, and answered what I couldn’t. Neither of us expected what would happen next.

They wheeled me back to a room and the process of evaluating me began. A battery of X-rays,CT’s,blood and urine samples were taken. Waiting……and trying to keep myself from “slipping” further.Watching my husband’s worried countenance ,was hard to bear,which compounded the angst I already had. Earl is the type of man,who,no matter how he feels, if he sees  someone he truly loves having to go through this,would “man-up”.He is a REAL man , yet he has the breaking  point too.

When the nurse  came in one last time before we would see a neurosurgical doctor,she informed us that my shunt catheter had become disconnected. I had had them disconnect before. I was HORRIFIED. Earl and I both started  to cry.He thought that he would outlive his lady love,who is 24 years his junior. He needed care too. He was in his own distress physically. The surgeon came in and indeed did verify the disconnection of the shunt(drainage tube for fluid on the brain,better known medically as Hydrocephalus).

I gave Earl the go ahead to go and get himself checked out at the hospital nearby. He refused to go unless I said it was okay. My sister arrived to be with me,so I told him to go. It was really hard to watch him walk out that door. It was even harder for him to have to .Later on,I found out through a nurse at the other hospital that she had kept him calm. They wanted to admit him! He said,”You don’t understand.My wife is in the other hospital ,and she is facing a shunt surgery!I need to be WITH her. Get me up and running so I can be there.”

The doctor told us before Earl left to get his own treatment, that the course would be this:1. Get tests done. 2.Find a room . 3. Prepare me for the shunt surgery to repair/replace the shunt. My head was spinning at that point,from the reality that had just hit me.I knew it was getting dire.

Earl was discharged ,then drove back to the hospital I was at .He found me in the room I would share with another woman  for the rest of that day/night and into the next afternoon. The hospital that I was in,it’s parking was a joke! He was exhausted,both mentally and physically.He would “push the envelope” even further throughout the course of the ordeal.

Family had to be called. My sister called my daughter. I called a few people too. It was like going through a hell again.I’d met it before. I wasn’t alone,though. When I got to the room, I met a couple of nurses who epitomized the profession in which they were employed.  A woman named Yolanda, with a wonderful accent, who was from the Congo. She had the prettiest smile,and even more beautiful disposition. She was kind ,and gentle,as she helped dress me to put me in the bed. Who could be agitated with a person like that? Next ,in succession would be other nurses. like Shige,who was from Japan. He looked somewhat like a young George Takei, made famous for his role on the original Star Trek series. His manner was affable. He even went so far as to say that I would be ticked off at the end of the night , by the time the doctors would be making their rounds to consult us .I assured  him that he couldn’t tick me off. He said ,”I will tick you of,because I have to wake you up every TWO hours ,and take Vital signs, and ask you the questions,okay?

A group of doctors flanked the head of neurosurgery as he entered the room. I was pensive ,and just trying to focus. He asked if I had any questions. I said no at the time,because  I was lacking sleep ,and with that no discernment. He said he wanted to do another couple of tests to see about ICP(increased cranial pressure). That took a good chunk  out of the day.Some of those were pure evil…..haha. In no way,did they resolve the ehadaches, even though they did “pain management”. The nurses did their best to relieve my angst and keep me and my family as calm as possible. In the end, I was discharged ,sans revision of the shunt. Upon discharge , the nurse I was with named Sarah, wheeled me out to my awaiting spouse ,who was in the parking garage ,sweating  bullets ,and upset because he couldn’t locate our  vehicle. She and I got Earl into the wheelchair that I was in previously,and we set about  looking for the car. By this time ,it was apparent that our concerns shifted into high gear for Ear’s sake. We eventually found it….thankfully.

For all of that experience, I am still here by God’s Grace,and the help of those around me.He is indeed good!

The Pixie Cowgirl

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