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The end to all good things?

The End to All Good Things?


Is it now to be the end of all good things? What of a man’s word being his “bond”? Innocence of a child ,replaced by doubt in the world ,whose sole role from birth,claimed it would ensure that child’s survival? How much worth is placed on honesty vs. “diplomacy” ? How much should we seek to up-end those things in which God established for us? Should we lie down ,when someone carelessly slanders us? Do we “shrug” when someone suggests the “harm” of another,basically saying this :”not my circus,not my monkey?” How much care must we take when we see careless speeders down a residential street, narrowly putting a child in harm’s way?

What kind of people must we be ,if we stand around silently , when another is brutally attacked , or worse? Whose job is it anyway? When we say we “live in a FREE* COUNTRY…. what does that actually mean? Does that mean we are FREE to mock our VETERANS? THEY serve our country, for however long….militarily..yet does anyone stop to think about the SOURCE of their CONDITION? It is precipitated by the mantra,”You’ll do good for “your” country…….The TRUTH is..it isn’t “ours”. It belongs to someone else. Manipulated by stories of “glory” for the country……not for the Benefit of a living soul,unless to be the propitiation of the MIC….(military industrial complex).

I AM THE WIFE OF A VETERAN, I AM A WOMAN, I AM A DAUGHTER, AND A MOTHER. First and foremost,though I am a human being who has HAD IT! I DIDN’T LIVE THIS LONG ON EARTH to listen to complacent vitriol,excuses for backing clownish folks who claim they are better than another in ANY WAY….DO NOT TRY TO ENTERTAIN ME ,with your shpeel….. because it is a BROKEN record.

The intellect I am blessed to have , has nothing to do with MEN….THEY don’t get the credit for any of it!!!! So that probably makes me a “man-hater”? Guess what. WRONG! God came before you…..He exists AFTER YOU ARE A DRIED UP SET OF BONES…..CAST BACK WHERE YOU BELONG….

WHERE does Love begin? Is it “tolerance “? Is it in ignorance ? Who does the actual correcting when a people have strayed so far past where their Good Shepherd told them to go? Who should we listen to? Wise men? Ha. Man has as much wisdom in his fingernails……. that can be broken. Man takes Godly wisdom and twists and skews it to his delight….making him in essence a “creator” of a god of his own choosing….in his mind he is favored ,while another is condemned for challenging that self made image! God Almighty don’t play that!

There is a day fast approaching….only He knows the day and the hour ,where all humanity will be judged…….ALL of it….no one will escape …..what will the wise men of the world say when the Sword of Truth destroys them? It will be then too late to beg for His Mercy!

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