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To be PC,or not to be

To be PC,means to accept any fad or trend that comes along,rPC regardless of the lack of correctness of  the position,

To be PC means to eradicate all of one species ,race , or religion,according to elitist societies. [Example:Radical Muslim belief]

To be PC means to take something “natural” and juxtapose it in favor of a group ideal. [Example:Homosexual “unions”.]

To be PC ,means we MUST(no choice given here)TOLERATE  deviant practices over traditional values.The deviant is then MORE A PROTECTED CLASS ,than is the one holding fast and true to what is NATURAL….AND TRUE.

To be PC, we MUST coddle deviants, “rehabilitate ” them, while a decent person is CENSORED ,ostracized and PUNISHED for disavowing such!over

To be PC, we must take as Gospel a person’s OPINIONATED  version of Godly Truth, over that of Scripture.

To be PC, we must chastise HONESTY , we must abhor goodness, and sanctify ourselves with our own human reasoning.


It is PC to say “you can’t fight city hall.”

It is PC to say,”I’m JUST fine.” Meanwhile,the world and its ways are headed for ultimate destruction!

*****Note : Some of this I give co-collaborative credit to my dear  loving husband,E.H. Smith



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